Experienced South Carolina Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Getting arrested on drug charges in South Carolina is a serious matter. If you don't take steps immediately to provide for your defense, you could end up serving a long prison sentence you don't deserve.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our team of experienced attorneys can represent you against drug charges. We have decades of collective experience in both state and federal court. Besides South Carolina residents, we also represent East Coast travelers and tourists arrested on I-95 and other major corridors.

We know how prosecutors handle drug charges and how to provide an effective defense. For a free consultation with one of our defense attorneys, call 877-880-5753 or contact us online and make an appointment.

Charged With A Drug Crime? Let Us Help You.

Our lawyers can defend you against any state or federal drug charge, including:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing and cultivation
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug fraud and prescription forgery
  • Conspiracy and attempt crimes

Prosecutors aggressively pursue guilty pleas in drug cases. We will show you all your options so you won't make a decision against your interests. Our legal team will investigate the claims against you and identify any weaknesses in the case. We will work to get the charges reduced or thrown out. If that is not possible, one of our trial lawyers will represent you in court.

Every strategy we use is designed with your interests in mind.

Free Case Evaluations For All Drug Charges

To get started on your drug case, call 877-880-5753 or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations. Our firm focuses on representing clients in Myrtle Beach, Greenville and Florence, but take on clients across South Carolina.