Get Your Federal Charges Handled by Experienced Professionals

In many ways, the federal criminal justice system is very different than how South Carolina state courts handle criminal matters. If you have been charged with a crime in federal court, you need a defense attorney who understands how things work in federal court and has tried cases at that level.

Our attorneys at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, understand federal criminal defense. We partner with trusted, local of-counsel lawyers to defend people against federal charges in South Carolina. You can rely on us for honest advice and fierce representation to help you take on the charges.

Federal Defense Attorneys In Myrtle Beach

We handle all types of federal charges, including:

  • Drug charges
  • Tax fraud
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Kidnapping, such as transporting a noncustodial child across state lines

Federal charges tend to be more serious than state charges and carry heavier penalties. In many cases, federal charges are not appropriate. We may be able to get your case removed from federal court to the state level to reduce the potential sentence against you.

The Advantage Of Retaining Our Lawyers

Our collective federal trial experience means we know the letter of the law and the day-to-day realities of dealing with grand juries, discovery, federal prosecutors and judges. Prosecutors know us and understand that we will do everything possible to get the charges against you dropped or reduced. We will take your case to trial if that is the best option.

We will keep you up to date on your case. Our advice to you will be clear and grounded in the law. You will always know what is going on and prepared for what is next.

Don't Ignore The Charges Against You. Free Initial Consultations.

Call us at 877-880-5753 or email us as soon as possible if you or a family member has been charged in federal court. At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, we focus our representation on Florence, Myrtle Beach and Greenville, but we accept clients from across South Carolina.