What You Need to Know About Federal Crimes Defense in Florence, South Carolina

Defense from charges filed as federal crimes is a critically challenging process involving complex laws and potentially serious punishments. The accused may face high-stakes interactions with investigators, law enforcement agents, a prosecutor, a criminal court at the federal level and in some cases, the U.S. Supreme Court.

For best results, work with a local attorney with experience handling federal crime cases. Roberts Law Group offers clients in South Carolina the opportunity to receive counsel and representation from dedicated federal crime defense lawyers.

To get your case off the ground, request a consultation early in your case and begin collaborating with your attorney on building an effective defense strategy for your future's sake.

Understanding Federal Crimes Defense In Florence Or Elsewhere In South Carolina

How does a federal crime differ from a state, county or municipal crime? For one thing, a case at the federal level proceeds through the federal court system. Federal laws, procedures and sentencing guidelines set these cases apart from state-level criminal cases.

A federal crime in Florence, South Carolina, or anywhere in the United States may be:

  • A crime involving two or more states. Perhaps the allegations involve crossing state lines in a kidnapping, drug trafficking or money laundering scheme.
  • A crime that is a violation of a federal law, not a state law, such as federal drug trafficking or conspiracy charges.
  • A crime occurring on federal property, such as the J. L. McMillan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse or the Coastal Plains Soil, Water, Plant Research Center, both in Florence.

Computer-based crimes such as child pornography and drug offenses are among the most common federal criminal charges in South Carolina, but federal charges run the gamut, from complex white collar crime to felony firearm charges.

Regardless of what type of crime your case involves or how far along you are in your efforts to defend yourself, you absolutely need the advocacy of a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. This is especially critical during an investigation leading up to an arrest.

What To Do If You're Under Federal Investigation

Have you received a target letter notifying you that you are the subject of an investigation? If the Federal Bureau of Investigators (FBI) or any federal investigative or law enforcement agency is involved in an investigation or has arrested you already, that is a clear sign that the crime in question is a federal one.

Do not - we repeat, do not - converse with the FBI or other federal investigators or try to interpret critical court documents without an experienced criminal defense attorney's guidance. If our law firm is on your side, we can take over communications with all investigators and law enforcement agents, using our experience to protect your rights in all dealings with federal agencies or a federal court.

At the same time, your defense attorney will begin immediately working closely with you to determine the best defense tactics in your case.

How To Choose A Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer In Florence, South Carolina

A criminal record resulting from federal charges is naturally very serious - a fate to avoid if possible. It is, therefore, very important to choose a lawyer with experience in federal crimes as you seek legal representation.

Keep in mind, when you look for a criminal defense law firm serving Florence, South Carolina, that some law firms handle only state crimes or only occasionally take on federal cases. Your defense attorney should be skilled at confronting and navigating around federal sentencing guidelines that can make federal cases difficult to defend.

For reassurance of your selected attorney's good standing in the legal profession, check with the state bar association. Choose a lawyer with a good reputation and proven experience, as well as one you feel comfortable with during initial consultations.

Roberts Law Group offers federal criminal lawyers who are well-qualified and available to take on even complex cases.

Our criminal defense attorneys have in-depth knowledge of federal courts. They are ready to hit the ground running in your defense - and ready to dig deep in search of the most effective defense opportunities. Contact our law office to request a consultation with one of our federal criminal defense lawyers if you are under investigation or have been arrested as a suspect in a federal criminal case.

Navigating The Legal Process For Federal Offenses In South Carolina

As you and your attorney prepare the best paths for your defense, you will want to understand how the legal process for federal crimes differs from that of crimes at state and local levels - and how it differs in South Carolina from processes in other states.

One of the biggest differences in many federal cases is the possibility of a federal grand jury investigation. If this process may be part of your case, it is essential to work with an attorney experienced at protecting clients' rights through this and all phases with an aggressive defense against federal charges.

Your lawyer should inform you about how mandatory minimum sentences may affect your federal case. Whether or not a grand jury investigation is a factor in your case, you may need representation through:

  • The investigation phase of your case
  • Arrest by an officer of a federal law enforcement agency
  • Negotiations with prosecutors
  • Arraignment
  • Pretrial discovery
  • Jury trial in the U.S. District Court in your jurisdiction
  • Sentencing

Specific procedures may differ from one case to another - and from one court location to another. Your lawyer should be familiar with the applicable federal court, with its specific prosecutors and judges, as well as the various federal law enforcement agencies.

In case of a conviction, you will want an attorney who will do everything possible to get you the most lenient sentence achievable in your case. Roberts Law Group confidently offers these services to our clients facing federal charges.

Court-Appointed Versus Private Attorneys In South Carolina Federal Crimes Defense Cases

In any criminal case, including federal criminal misdemeanor and felony cases, the question of how to pay for legal fees looms large for many defendants. If you are unable to pay, you may apply for a court-appointed attorney at the time of your arraignment. You must demonstrate your challenging financial situation to qualify.

Of course, it may seem advantageous to have a public defender without attorneys' fees to worry about. However, you will not likely have the opportunity to choose which court-appointed lawyer will work with you. Hiring a carefully chosen private defense attorney has proven to be very important for a great many defendants in federal crime cases in South Carolina.

Working with a strong trial lawyer from the beginning can be especially important if your case proceeds to the court of appeals. The quality of your representation throughout can mean all the difference at that stage of a case.

Learn How We Can Help During A FREE Consultation

Roberts Law Group understands that legal fees may seem like a great obstacle to hiring your own lawyer whom you select based on criteria you set yourself. Still, considering the high stakes involved, we encourage you to consider a private attorney. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and advice on potential ways to pay for the high-caliber legal counsel you need.

Let us discuss your needs, our offerings and opportunities in front of you to overcome the great challenges of a federal criminal investigation, arrest, pending trial court appearances and a potential final judgment that could change the course of your life for decades.

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