What to Know About Sex Crimes Defense in Greenville, South Carolina

Accusations of a sex crime are difficult enough for most people. The stigma and fear of the unknown are real - and disturbing. You may have already lost sleep from shock and worry - and now you must deal with the criminal justice system, as well.

Spanning two states, our law firm has helped many clients obtain case dismissals early in the game, including:

  • Preventing an arrest
  • Arranging for deferred prosecution during mental health treatment
  • Arranging for an arrest in private
  • Persuading prosecutors to drop or reduce charges
  • Persuading courts to allow probation in lieu of spending time in jail

As you can see, we are well-equipped to handle even the most complex, challenging sex crime cases.

The sooner Roberts Law Group is on your side, the more opportunities we will have to seek the best outcome for you. We have achieved case dismissals and reduction of charges and penalties for many previous clients.*

Once there is reason to suspect you, the sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency will investigate the allegations against you. If authorities gather evidence that you broke the law, a law enforcement officer may arrest you. Later, the prosecution will present evidence against you in court. Our goal is to get your case dismissed, and if that is not doable, we will aim to get charges reduced and keep penalties to a minimum.

*Of course, every case is different, and prior results do not guarantee future outcome.

Facing Sex Crimes Charges In Greenville, South Carolina?

Criminal sexual conduct can take many forms such as sexual assault, sexual abuse of a child, solicitation of a minor, internet-based activities with images of minors, lewd and lascivious behavior, and prostitution, to name a few. Definitions of rape, the age of consent and other details are spelled out in each state's criminal code. For example, in South Carolina, criminal sexual conduct is considered to be statutory rape:

  • In the first degree if the victim is less than 11 years old or when committed by a previous sex offender if the victim is younger than 16
  • In the second degree if the victim is 11-14 years old or 14-15 years old when the alleged offender is in a position of authority or older than the victim
  • In the third degree if the victim is under 16 and the actor attempts or succeeds at committing lewd and lascivious acts intended to arouse or gratify sexual desires

If you have been charged with an alleged violent crime that is categorized as a sex crime, the county sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency will investigate and gather evidence against you.

Look for a skilled, dedicated defense attorney to advise you from the beginning of the process - ideally, before a law enforcement officer shows up at your door.

What Do Crime Victims' Rights Have To Do With Your Case? Ask A Lawyer.

Your attorney can explain factors that may affect your case, such as victims' rights and court proceedings that will go along with an arrest, if it happens. A well-equipped law firm on your side may be able to prevent an arrest from taking place at all if you enlist a lawyer on the case early on. Our firm is ready to advise you immediately.

Examples Of Defenses

Common sex crime defenses in Greenville, South Carolina and elsewhere include:

  • Questions about credibility of the alleged victim
  • Questions of consent of alleged adult victims
  • Pleas of innocence, with verifiable alibis

To maximize your prospects of a favorable outcome in your case, begin exploring sex crimes defense strategies with a qualified attorney. Roberts Law Group is committed to achieving the best outcome for you that we can.

What To Look For In A Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Once you realize the county sheriff's office (or other agency) is investigating you for a sex offense, you surely realize you need legal advice. The vital question now is how to choose a criminal defense lawyer well-suited to your needs and in good standing with the South Carolina bar. Consider your priorities:

  • Is it important to work with a law firm that has offices close to your home in Greenville, South Carolina, and close to the court that has jurisdiction over your case? This can make a big difference in terms of convenience and accessibility.
  • Do you want to hire a criminal defense attorney whose primary focus is on criminal charges? An attorney who practices primarily in criminal defense - and has done so for years - will have more experience and knowledge than someone who just dabbles in it.
  • Can you find an attorney who will help you explore all defense options, including mental health issues and a thorough review of arrest records and other evidence in search of signs of law enforcement wrongdoing? This type of in-depth approach can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

At Roberts Law Group, we fit these criteria and more. Reach out to discuss your situation during a free consultation.

What Is The Legal Process For Challenging Sex Crimes Charges In South Carolina?

Sex crimes in South Carolina laws generally fall under one or more of these categories:

  • Criminal sexual conduct, including sexual battery, criminal sexual conduct with a minor, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, sexual battery with a student by someone affiliated with a school, and sexual exploitation and other abuse of children
  • Offenses against morality and decency, including bigamy, incest, prostitution, lewdness, indecent exposure and child exploitation

We hear a lot about the human rights of alleged victims of sexual abuse. Remember that accused people have rights, too.

At Roberts Law Group, we're passionate about fighting for the rights and freedoms of the accused. With attorneys serving Greenville and other South Carolina communities, we are prepared to help you through all stages of a sex crime case, including the:

  • Rumor stage
  • Investigation
  • Juvenile justice system proceedings, if applicable
  • Arrest by law enforcement
  • Posting of bail
  • Development of a promising defense strategy
  • Negotiations with the prosecution
  • Court proceedings
  • Arraignment
  • Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Final judgment
  • Appeals and post-conviction proceedings

If your case goes to trial after a sex crime arrest by a law enforcement agency in South Carolina, how long can you expect it to take for the trial to begin? Your attorney may help answer this by examining:

  • The complexity of the accusations, evidence and pretrial issues
  • The docket backlog, if any, at the court that has jurisdiction in your case
  • How much time you realistically need to prepare a strong defense strategy

Your lawyer will explain ways of fighting to avoid a criminal record and sex-offender registry requirements - your most important goals.

Is It Better To Hire A Private Attorney Or Accept A Court-Appointed Lawyer?

Many people approaching the criminal justice system believe they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. If this is your first instinct, you should consider how much your freedom, reputation and future are worth to you. It may be worth taking extra measures to hire a private attorney, even if it means stretching your budget and resources, given the high stakes in your case.

At Roberts Law Group - whether you are considering hiring us or not - we recommend that you seriously consider the pros and cons of court-appointed versus private attorneys.

It may seem advantageous to pay almost nothing in attorneys' fees for a court-appointed attorney (if you qualify). But remember that a public defender will not be a lawyer you choose. Rather, he or she will be assigned to you. This means you could end up with someone inexperienced. What's more, public defenders have heavy caseloads and limited time and resources. You likely won't receive the level of attention that you would with an experienced private defense attorney.

By hiring your own South Carolina sex crimes defense lawyer, you will have the opportunity to work with someone you will feel comfortable with through all aspects of your state or municipal court case. You can select someone with strong experience and a proven track record of success.

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