Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Criminal charges alleging sexual offenses are a serious legal matter for anyone, regardless of social class or life circumstances. Your career, your reputation, your freedom and, potentially, your entire future may be on the line when you have been accused of sexual assault or another type of sex crime.

In addition to the stigma and disruption of an arrest, you may face penalties like fines, fees, jail time and a prison sentence. Worst of all, you may carry the label of "sex offender" for life. Required registry as a sex offender will dictate where you can or cannot live and otherwise color your reputation for life.

A reputable law firm on your side is critical. Contact an accomplished sex crime defense lawyer as soon as you have been or may be accused.

Have you been arrested on suspicion of sexual battery, statutory rape or another offense? Has the county sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency notified you that an investigation is underway about a complaint against you? Are rumors of a sex crime against a minor or an adult targeting you? Turn to Roberts Law Group, PLLC, for guidance. We offer personalized attention and a determination to fight for your rights.

What To Know About Sex Crimes Defense In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Criminal charges involving sex crimes can come at any time after an alleged assault. In other words, there is no statute of limitations for misdemeanor or felony sex crimes in South Carolina.

Are you worried that a police officer or another law enforcement officer may show up at your door with a warrant for your arrest over an incident from long ago? Take a load off your mind. Get the information you need to build a strong defense proactively, regardless of the timeline of events.

Reliable information about the basis for your criminal charges is essential. At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our team of criminal defense attorneys has achieved many successful case outcomes, helping clients steer clear of sex offender registry requirements. We can help you understand the sex offense charges against you involving one or more of these types of sex crimes:

  • Criminal sexual conduct, including sexual battery achieved through aggravated force, confinement, kidnapping, administration of controlled substances to the victim or aggravated coercion
  • Solicitation of a minor; sexual exploitation of a minor; engaging a minor for sexual performance
  • Lewd and lascivious behavior
  • Nonconsensual touching of the private parts of a person
  • Adultery, fornication or prostitution
  • Criminal sexual misconduct on college campuses, including alleged Title IX violations

With our law firm on your side, you can confidently face the sheriff's office, the prosecutor and, if your case goes further, a judge, jury or court of appeals. Our distinguished of-counsel attorneys in South Carolina represent students, tourists, military personnel, professionals and others facing sex-related criminal cases in South Carolina.

Choosing A Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: What To Look For

A criminal arrest or investigation is a major life event, especially when it involves allegations of criminal sexual conduct. As you consider hiring a defense attorney, keep in mind that the sooner you have a skilled advocate on your side, the more options there will be at each step of the process to achieve the best results.

Criminal defense is our forte as experienced attorneys serving South Carolina residents and visitors. We understand the importance of getting off to a good start with a collaborative, trusting attorney-client relationship in cases involving sex crimes and other serious offenses. We therefore encourage potential clients to contact us sooner rather than later. Learn how we can help you maximize chances of avoiding jail or prison time, a criminal record and sex offender registration.

What's Involved In The South Carolina Legal Process For Sex Crimes?

A sex crime case in South Carolina will typically involve the following legal process:

  • A notification that the local police, sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency is investigating allegations of a sex offense. This news may come before or during a criminal arrest.
  • Booking at the jail. You may have the opportunity to stay out of jail or get out of jail as soon as possibly by posting bail. Our law firm can help you approach this urgent matter in your best interests.
  • Multiple court hearings, including a bail hearing, arraignment and evidentiary hearings.
  • The opportunity to negotiate a plea deal. This step is best approached with the help of a skilled defense attorney who can analyze all the evidence and identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case.
  • A plea hearing or trial. Depending on whether you decide to accept a plea, you may either plead guilty or proceed to trial. You have the right to trial before a jury of peers, but in some cases, it might be a wiser strategy to opt for trial before a judge as the decision-maker rather than the jury.
  • A presentence investigation, which involves a mental health evaluation, analysis of your prior criminal history and other relevant factors.
  • Sentencing, which is determined by a judge upon review of the presentence investigation report and the findings at trial.

If you are convicted, the penalties will depend on how the crime is classified. Felony offenses may involve a potential sentence of decades or even life in prison. Less severe charges may be classified as misdemeanors, resulting in much shorter sentences like 30 days in jail and fines of $500.

An experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney can help you understand your charges and potential penalties while also preparing a strong defense.

How To Choose A Lawyer For Defense Of Sex Crime Charges

You may qualify for a court-ordered defense attorney, or you may need (or choose) to hire your own. To explore your options, consult with one or more lawyers until you find one who inspires confidence.

Here are some tips:

  • You should look for a lawyer who is committed to pursuing the best outcome possible in your case rather than just accepting the first plea deal that comes along.
  • You will naturally want someone you feel comfortable with.
  • You will also want to see evidence that the attorney and law firm have strong reputations and track records.
  • Look for a lawyer who will fight determinedly to keep you off the sex offender registry.

At Roberts Law Group, we offer a free initial consultation so you can determine whether we're the right fit for you. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident moving forward, knowing your case is in qualified hands.

When The Alleged Offender Is Underage

In a well-known report issued in 2007, an organization known as the Human Rights Watch recommended that sex-offender registration requirements "be limited to people assessed to pose a real risk of committing another serious sex offense." This organization opposes sex registry requirements for minors except in extreme cases.

If your son or daughter faces the juvenile justice system because of accusations of sexual abuse, look for an attorney with a similar stance - a lawyer in full support of the constitutional rights of the accused.

Why Choose A Private Attorney Instead Of A Court-Appointed Lawyer?

If a law enforcement agency has targeted you for an investigation, or if you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct and believe you cannot afford to hire a lawyer to defend you, do not let that stop you from fighting for your rights and your freedom. It is worth your efforts to do whatever it takes to avoid a permanent label as a sex offender if at all possible.

You have the constitutional right to a lawyer - which means you may be entitled to a court-appointed public defender if you can't afford attorney fees. However, even if you qualify for a public defender, you can still opt to hire a private attorney instead.

Why should you consider doing so? Sex offenses can have a lasting impact on all aspects of your life. A private attorney will likely have more time and resources to devote to your case. Public defenders, by contrast, are often overworked and overburdened with clients.

What's more, you can't choose which lawyer gets appointed by the trial court to represent you. It may be someone with little experience handling such serious charges. When you hire a private attorney, you can make sure they have the skills, experience and proven track record necessary to build the strongest possible defense.

How We Can Help

Roberts Law Group is available to answer your questions to help you prepare a strong defense. We can fight for you at all stages of the criminal process. Contact us if:

  • You're under investigation (or suspect that you're under investigation) for a possible sex offense.
  • You have been asked to submit to questioning by law enforcement.
  • You have been arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct.
  • You are facing formal charges for a sex crime.

Let us explain how we can get your defense underway right away. Call 877-880-5753 to get started with a free consultation, and ask for our Myrtle Beach attorney.